What is Positive Vibes?                                                                                          

Where Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body can Heal.

Positive Vibes is my life long search for natural ways of healing. Healing that does not conteract the way our bodies were designed. Healing that can occur on  all levels and disciplines. I treat the whole person, as you are one, in Spirit, Soul, Body and Mind. My services are designed to complement and complete each other. 

Positive Vibes can be summed up by the Hebrew word "Chai", Life. I desire a full and healthy life for everyone and believe that this can be accomplished through understanding our bodies and treating it with respect and fulfilling its needs naturally.

I would be honored to join you on your journey of self-discovery, health and healing. Thank you for choosing Positive Vibes. 


"L'Chaim" To Life,

Erin Ziersch, LPN

Please feel free to contact me with questions concerning your particular needs and desires! I am confident I can bring more light and life on your journey. 

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